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Welcome to TheGodBlogger. My own personal little bit of of the internet where I can share my thoughts with . . . well anyone. That probably translates to no one, but that’s ok (sigh!). My purpose here is to talk about things that matter – to me anyway. And since all that really matters is God the Father, God the Son and and God the Holy Spirit that’s what this will largely be about.

Oh sure I’m going to throw a few of my own rantings and experiences in here and there, but frankly, I’m just not that interesting, so don’t panic. My rule of thumb for this blog is, if it don’t glorify it don’t deserve my time and would be a complete waste of yours.

Since God gave me the ability to think (a seldom used gift) and write (an even more seldom used gift) I feel prompted to start actually putting my musings down somewhere rather than letting all these thoughts and images ramble around in my head – kind of like the children of Israel. Trust me some of these thoughts have been wandering in my own personal desert for more than 40 years, so its time they reached the promised land (grin).

This blog is a peak into my somewhat cluttered and ultimately odd mind.  You see, I have lot’s of conversations in my head.  It’s not  like that bumpersticker that says “I hear voices.  And they don’t like you.”  Most of my voices think your alright.

Some of my rantings are to an imaginary friend who doesn’t know Jesus.  Some are to other Christ followers… who are all messed up.  Ultimately, each entry is about what I think and how I might ramble on about it to someone.  I’m not sure its all correct, but its what I think is true at this time.  Feel free to let me know if you think otherwise.

So…that’s it. Intro – check. Rules of engagement (See Rules of Engagement tab) – check. Housekeeping – check. Actually writing something down. . . hmm! Guess that’s the next step so I’ll get busy with that and you can just hang out. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Take care,

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Eric   – TheGodBlogger

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