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As I mentioned in an earlier post there is no real need to get all excited about biblical prophecy.  It can point to a season, but not a time.  You need to be ready to go at any moment and that kinda makes big picture biblical prophecy irrelevant for you and I.  We already know how the book ends.

That being said, I think it is fascinating to see it playing out in our day and age.  It also should be a sign to those who doubt (Ahem!) that God is alive and well and he’s starting to wrap things up.

I just saw a movie called Above and Beyond yesterday and it blew my mind.  Not because it was so well done – which it was.  Not because it was so accurate – which it was.  It amazed me because it revealed the hand of God at work in our world today.  I’m not sure how many non-believes saw that.  I’m not even sure if the people who made the film, realized it, but God’s fingerprints were smeared all over the screen.

Its the story of four American Jews who were fighter pilots in WW II.  When the war ended they went home to start up “normal” life, but got caught up in the homeland struggle for Israel.  In 1948 they ended up – in a very round about way –  going to Israel and flying against five Arab nations that were trying to attack and drive the Jews into the sea.  They were the first four pilots there and their first flight stopped thousands of Egyptian troops who were less that 12 hours from taking Tel Aviv.  Lot’s of amazing things happened, but a few really stood out for me.

1) The fact that after 2000 years, or so, the nation of Israel was reborn is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened, IMHO.  This was probably the most difficult obstacle to fulfilling the end time prophesies anyone could imagine.  No Israel, no end times.  Period.

2) Despite the fact that 6 million jews were brutally murdered during the Holocaust, the entire world was largely uninterested in doing more to help the Jews.  The solution to the Jewish problem was to dump them onto the bleak sands of Palestine and say “have a nice day and hope this all works out for you.”

3) Even Israel’s soon to be staunchest ally – the US (along with the UN) – put an embargo on the entire region of Palestine so that no weapons would reach them.  This despite the fact that we were swimming in WW II surplus.  American soldiers could buy a P-51 Mustang for $5,000, but we wouldn’t let Israel buy ANYTHING to defend itself.  Shame on us.

4) The Czech Republic was so starved for cash that they decided to break the embargo and let Israel buy some fighter planes.  They sold them ME-109s.  For those of you who are not WW II enthusiasts these are German Messerschmitts.  Think about that.  They had to use Luftwaffe planes to defend themselves less than a year after the holocaust.   That sounds like God to me.  Genesis 50:20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

5) The entire state of Israel had a few hundred thousand people.  The five Arab armies had more soldiers than that.  They had tanks, planes and all the proper accouterments of war.  Israel had some hand guns, some machine guns and some civilians to use them.  They were not prepared to survive.

6) Starting with the first air sortie Israel was able to stay alive and amazingly they started to win.

If you read (or watch) an account of this war and then compare it to some of the old testament you will see amazing parallels.  Remember Gideon?  He had a boatload of soldiers but God only allowed him to take 300 into battle.  The Midians had 135,000.  Poor odds to say the least.  Then God said go stand on the hills surrounding your enemies and at my signal blow your horns and throw down your lanterns.  When they obeyed God  the Midians thought the were surrounded and got confused.  They started fighting each other and ultimately were all either killed or captured.  135,000 against 300 + God.

In the 1948 war in Israel the Egyptians had tanks, armored troop carriers, supply convoys and a will to push all the Jews into the sea.  (By the way.  This wasn’t even the biggest army Israel was facing.  The Jordanians and Iraqis had even bigger armies).  Since the Egyptians were the closest threat they needed to be dealt with first.  The four pilots who had arrived only days before and the only four planes in the Israeli air defense (the afore mentioned ME-109s) took off, bombed and strafed the enemy and sent them packing.  The Egyptians thought Israel must have a much bigger air force and decided to leave.  Gideon would have been so proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the time of prophets and miracles again.  Keep your eyes on Iran and Russia (read up on the battle of Gog and Magog). Pray for Israel. Pray the USA does not get foolish and turn against Israel – again.

And most importantly, keep your eyes on God and be ready.  Things are about to get really interesting.

Be alert and…

Take care,

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