I’ve been thinking about the sermon I heard recently  on hearing the voice of God. You know what?  We often refer to the Holy Spirit as speaking in a “still small voice”.  Just because he spoke that way once to Elijah, doesn’t mean he will speak that way to you and me.  In fact, I’m not so sure that God’s voice is usually still, or small.  Sometime I think God is speaks to us in a rather plain and straight forward voice. We just aren’t listening to the right thing.

Here is an experiment. Have someone read something out loud to you.  Anything.  While that person is talking turn on a boombox or stereo while playing your favorite music (christian music is OK).  Set it between you and the person you are supposed to be listening to and turn it up to 10.  Can you hear what they are saying?  Their volume hasn’t changed.  You could hear them just fine if that stupid music wasn’t playing.  Hmmm!

So how come we let the world and it’s cares get so loud?  Why don’t we just turn it down?  We have control over the volume knob.  Why does it seem like Sunday morning is the only time we turn the volume down for a few hours, then its right back to 10 (usually on the way home from church)?

Turning the worlds volume down isn’t hard. It involves worrying less about stuff and jobs and relationships and entertainment and health and bills and…. And it involves more about chatting with our best friend – Jesus.  Trusting God, reading about him, talking to him, listening to him is the way to hear him.  Then you will realize that he is likely talking about all the other stuff you were worrying about and telling you he’s got it handled.  You don’t need to worry.

Sounds easy, but sometime we are so used to the blaring sounds of the world its hard to imagine shutting it off.  Remember if you turn down the volume of the world you won’t be met with silence.  You’ll be met with the voice of God himself.

So here is to turning the volume down as low as you can. My guess is if you start to turn it down even a little, God’s voice will inspire you to keep going.


Take care,

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Eric  – TheGodBlogger

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