Rules of Engagement

Before we get started I need to set out some ground rules about this site.

1) I am a Christ follower and this site is dedicated to my musings about God and the life he has given me. All of you are welcome here to read and take from it what you want, but if your purpose in life is to be mean and flame others for their faith, then just stop and try to be nice. . . or I’ll tell you mom.

2) I use lots of “. . .” and ” ( )” in my writings. I liked them when I was 13 and they kinda stuck, so get used to them.

3) I am the king of run on sentences, which is something I have always done, and have never really regretted since it reflects the way I talk – and more importantly the way I think; plus its funny. (Get it?).

4) [GRAMMAR WARNING] – The passive voice is what I use in my writings quite often.
(Sidenote 1: if you are a grammar geek you are probably rolling on the floor right now. I mean that’s funny. If your not, just move on to “5” below)
(Sidenote 2: Does passive voice make me sound like Yoda? “Passive voice I use. Deal with it you will.”)

5) This blog is supposed to be less about me sharing the gift of my glorious brain with you (oh brother!) and more about documenting the growth in my relationship to God.

We’ll see how it goes.  Onward!

Take care,

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